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Saint Ivy's mission is elegantly putting the ‘social’ back into happy hour, without sacrificing people’s wellbeing. 


Whether entertaining at cocktail hour, dinner with friends or by the pool; our drinks are a joyful substitute making people feel relaxed, empowered, included and engaged.


Crafting our drinks, we source quintessential flavors synonymous of classic cocktails from only the cleanest ingredients. Our drinks are non-alcoholic, sugar free and without calories, as some among us prefer.  


The name Saint Ivy has its roots in mythical times when there was a common belief that drinking wine from an ivy wood cup kept one sober. At Saint Ivy, we celebrate the myth of ivy’s sobering qualities.

  • Why drink a non-alcoholic G&T or Moscow Mule?
    Saint Ivy’s Virgin G&T has that quintessential bittersweet taste and aromas of a G&T, and Virgin Moscow Mule emulates the thirst-quenching bite of a Moscow Mule, without the excess sugar and calories. Both are non-alcoholic, just like the conscious among us prefer. Saint Ivy is a great way to connect with friends and enjoy an elegant beverage, without sacrificing your sense of wellbeing and the investment that’s been made to get there.
  • What trends are driving popularity of Saint Ivy?
    People are drinking less alcohol and sugar as growing awareness of their negative effects continues. Saint Ivy gives you the choice of skipping these negative effects, without losing out on the social element and having to explain to your friends why you're choosing a non-alcoholic beverage.
  • How do you get Saint Ivy drinks to taste like the real thing?
    We use the same ingredients and extracts. For example, Gin flavor is derived from Juniper berries, tonic flavor from Quinine, Ginger flavor from ginger root.
  • How would you suggest drinking Saint Ivy? Out the bottle, or in a glass with ice?"
    It’s totally personal preference! About half drink straight out the bottle, and the other half drink in a glass with ice. Personally, I like to drink it straight out the bottle without any garnish, but others like to add interesting garnishes. Popular garnishes: Rind of lemon, lime, or orange works well for the Virgin G&T; and a sprig of mint perfectly garnishes the Moscow Mule.
  • Can I use it as an alcoholic mixer?
    Yes! Saint Ivy drinks are sophisticated with multiple layers of flavor so great to drink in any format. When we ask people, why are you using Saint Ivy as a mixer? They say, "you've taken all the hard work out like adding botanicals (orange/lemon/lime/mint etc.), so I don't need to buy those at the store and cut them up. Zero sugar & zero calories is also a big positive for many.
  • Where does the name Saint Ivy originate from?
    During mythical times, there was a common belief drinking wine from a cup made from the wood of ivy would keep one sober. It was also believed boiled ivy leaves sobered up the drinker. At Saint Ivy, we celebrate the myth of sobering ivy!
November 2020
Saint Ivy featured in One37PM article, showcasing the non-alcoholic beverages that have taken 2020 by storm. 

Read the article here: "CBD Seltzer, Hard Kombucha and Non-Alcoholic Beer Take 2020 by Storm."

October 2020
Forbes Magazine's Chris Furnani featured Saint Ivy. Find out how the idea of Saint Ivy came about and get to know the story behind our Founder.

Read the article here: "Alcohol Alternative Saint Ivy Bets On Growing Sober-Curious Trend."

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